Daniel Wollman

Chief Executive Officer at Gumley Haft Property Management
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Chief Executive Officer and Certified Public Accountant with a history of achievement in the real estate industry, Daniel Wollman heads Gumley Haft, a 30-year-old property management company for co-operative and condominium apartment buildings in New York. Daniel is skilled in property management, financial management, construction and restoration projects for cooperatives and condominiums. He is also expert in the operations of residential apartment buildings, large and small, in all markets of New York.

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  • Action is what property management is all about. Scheduling preventive maintenance each season. Projecting operating budgets and capital improvements. Hiring and firing staff. And, of course, planning for the safety of residents and employees in emergencies, such as in the Covid pandemic we are experiencing.

    18 February 2021
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    18 February 2021
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