Danielle Sunberg

Co-Founder at Amma Healing and 9 other companies
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Danielle is a former corporate attorney who left the law following winning a 6 Billion judgment for one of her clients. She became Director of Operations, then COO for a SaaS company. Danielle then left the company to found Follow Our Leap, an operations and executive consultancy that combines her love for driving measurable results through optimizing companies operations and aligning their incentive structures. Danielle is an advisor to several companies and most recently, co-founded AMMA Healing, a health and wellness company.

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  • "I take a holistic approach to cultivating extraordinary leaders and creating companies that empower their teams to achieve goals previously thought out of reach. By leveraging my experience in the corporate sector with a focus on empathy, collaboration, and conscious communication, I guide companies toward accelerated success. Together, we create operational frameworks and systems that are optimal for both the company and the team members."

    "Taking my leap from the corporate sector to entrepreneurship! I left a prestigious career with dependable financial prosperity because I was inspired to redefine success on my own terms. This leap requires an immense amount of self-trust, motivation, competence, and sincerity. I’ve observed a lot of fear around leaving a stable job because we don’t know where we will land, and I am proud of myself for allowing my inspiration to direct my energy and focus instead."

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