Danny Parks

VP of Technology at Trigger XR
On the record

Danny Parks is the VP of Technology where he leads the development of mixed reality projects for Trigger’s biggest clients including: Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man, Mattel/Hot Wheels, Honda, the Star Wars franchise, LEGO and more. Danny is an integral part of the Trigger team as he is actively involved with all technological decisions at Trigger from ideation to product delivery, and he oversees all projects that the development team works on. Danny’s first project at Trigger was McDonald’s GOL! for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, an AR app available in 119 countries; this was the most advanced AR mobile app at the time of its launch. Since then, Danny has overseen development of over 250 mixed reality projects and quadrupled the size of the development team at Trigger.

Recent Quotes
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  • VR systems are already full of feedback, but they're largely limited to audio and visual channels. You can move your head and see your perspective change or press a button and hear a new sound.

  • The future of VR isn't going to be restricted to living rooms or offices. It will be wherever people are. And mobile data is going to be a critical piece in connecting the physical world with digital spaces and virtual worlds.

  • Riding in a car seems like a great place to get things done, but it's full of distractions and constraints. VR in cars has the potential to transform that experience by replacing the car interior with a fully immersive experience. There's a really great fit between the average commute and the average duration of a VR session.

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