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Darryl Baker is the Chief Financial Officer at Redirect Health. He has extensive experience in financing and operating small to medium entrepreneurial, publicly-funded start-up companies, as well as in merger and acquisition transactions and public company investor relations.

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  • One thing I view as a positive change coming out of the pandemic is that the market has become more open to virtual solutions rather than in-person solutions. When I think about healthcare and, specifically, programs that businesses set up for their employees, [they] have historically gravitated towards models that were focused on in-person care delivery. This pandemic has highlighted to the marketplace that there are other ways of receiving competent, thoughtful, and quality medical attention virtually. To that point, virtual care, generally, is a lower-cost way of providing and receiving medical care in businesses whose health plans have been designed around what I'll call the 'old model' of in-person care. They may be missing out on opportunities to create forward-thinking solutions that gravitate more towards virtual care or at least begin the healthcare journey in a virtual manner.