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US President at IceWind USA
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In addition to his work as the owner of successful Texas home building company Losaw Construction, who build 30-40 new homes per year, offer licensed septic installation, and mobile home dealer services as a retail/builder/installation holder with the state of Texas, Daryl Losaw is the US President for IceWind, a locally installed wind power company based in Iceland. Prior to his construction career, Losaw did two stints with the US military – five years as an electronics warfare technician for the Air Force, where he worked on C-130 electronics, warfare electronics, and flight-line and shop electronics maintenance - and three years as a Lieutenant in the Army where he served in Iraq with the 1st Cavalry. There he took on many roles from platoon leader to Iraqi National Guard Trainer. Losaw first became involved with IceWind in 2015 during a family vacation to Iceland when considering a possible move to the small, peaceful country. He was so blown away by the potential of the technology that he invested in the company and owns a considerable share. Working remotely from Texas with the Iceland team, they improved the product to where a US launch was viable and launched in the US with an event on the Texas coast in July 2020.

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  • When I first saw the IceWind turbines in Iceland, I knew I had to bring them to market in the US. They are perfectly complementary with solar, a great stand-alone solution for very windy places, and a handy answer for small energy outdoor applications that will cut down on carbon from generators, diesel engines, and maintenance calls.

    1 May 2021
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