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Daryl Rolley is a 30+ year global software business executive who has successfully built Cloud/SaaS software businesses in all parts of the globe, including Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, South America, and Africa (having lived and worked in five countries). Since 2018 he has been the Chief Executive Officer of Medicat Holdings, the leading University Healthcare software provider. Prior to joining Medicat in 2018, he served as Chief Commercial Officer for PRGX Global Inc. Previously he served as EVP, Chief Customer Officer for RealPage, Inc.; SVP & GM of Worldwide Sales and SVP & GM of Americas and Asia Pacific Operations for Ariba; and as SVP of Asia Pacific Operations for FreeMarkets, Inc. Earlier in his career, Rolley was an executive with McKinsey & Company.

Rolley has successfully leveraged Medicat’s 20+ year history in college healthcare software, and particularly in college vaccine verification software, to provide the latest, world-class vaccine verification software to the enterprise market. With the current administration’s vaccine mandate on the horizon, Rolley has positioned Medicat to be the preferred provider for vaccine verification software and services. Medicat One Immunization Compliance Management (ICM) software is the latest SaaS-based vaccine verification software platform on the market. Medicat’s customers have used its vaccine verification software to verify millions of vaccines over the past 20 years.

Rolley is a member of the Board of Directors of Basware, the leading global software provider of Procurement and Invoice Automation solutions. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Aareon GmbH, the largest real estate software company in Europe. In addition, he previously served as a board advisor with the French software company Alkemics, and the leading expert marketplace technology company, Catalant Technologies.

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  • “Medicat’s industry-leading vaccine verification platform is now being used by Fortune 500 enterprises to enable them to scalably and successfully meet the vaccine mandate.”

  • “The GSA recently announced its COVID-19 Action plan that directs OSHA to issue an Emergency Temporary Standard (“ETS”) requiring vaccination or weekly testing of all employees, placing enterprises in the unfamiliar territory of vaccine verification. Vaccine verification is not new to Medicat. We specialize in this, and we are ready to partner with enterprise companies to ensure compliance moving forward. Medicat’s experience with vaccination verification allows us to provide consultative services that have reduced opt-out rates and increased vaccination adoption.”

  • “Medicat’s ICM software has been used to verify more vaccines than any other Vaccine Verification software available today. It is battle-tested by our hundreds of customers who used it to verify millions of vaccines over more than fifteen years.”