Dave Buerger

Co-Founder & President at CuneXus and Vice President at CUNA Mutual Group at cunexus
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Dave Buerger is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CuneXus Solutions, Inc. Drawing from his client-side background as an award-winning financial services marketer and strategist, he co-conceptualized the logic and methodology central to Comprehensive Pre-Screened Lending (CPL) strategy. Recognizing an opportunity to transform and elevate the consumer lending process to 21st century standards, Buerger partnered with industry veterans to launch CuneXus, and set out to develop the next generation of data-driven consumer lending automation technology.

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  • “We are focused on changing the way credit unions interact with their members, and this means tearing down old, and painful banking experiences. We’re empowering people with unrivaled transparency and convenience, and this partnership with Origence makes that easily accessible to many more credit unions and consumers. Together, we can provide the modern, seamless lending experience that members deserve, one that equips them for financial excellence.”

    12 November 2021
  • “We’re helping institutions increase loan volume and revenue at a double-digit increase, while giving them a competitive advantage and an opportunity to deepen relationships with their members.”

    12 November 2021
  • “Financial institutions have consistently sent members batch and blast finance offerings, only to have them apply and then find out they were never qualified to receive one. At CuneXus we are dedicated to helping financial institutions better understand their members on a more holistic level to deliver the appropriate offers relevant to their needs. We are proud to support financial institutions as they transform their consumer lending with personalized, automated experiences, while at the same time boosting loan volume and revenue by being with members as they shop.”

    12 November 2021
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    Co-Founder & President at CuneXus and Vice President at CUNA Mutual Group