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Dave Charest is Director of Small Business Success at Constant Contact, the online marketing leader trusted by millions of small businesses. In his role, Dave acts as an educator and an advocate for small business leaders, marketing professionals, and nonprofits by providing them with practical marketing advice that can help them achieve their goals. He is a dynamic leader, speaker, creator, and award-winning marketer who strives to inspire small businesses by simplifying the complex world of online marketing. Dave also hosts Constant Contact's "Be A Marketer" podcast.

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  • "Nobody knows whether a recession will occur, but it’s certainly fair to say that small businesses are dealing with several economic obstacles right now. Fortunately, small businesses are resilient. Even if a recession does develop, our 2022 Small Business Now report shows that 90% are confident that they will still be in business a year from now. We also often see lots of small businesses get started during recessions.

    However, some sectors would likely be impacted more than others. The consumers we polled said that, during a recession, they would cut back on spending at “convenience,” “lifestyle,” and “entertainment” businesses first. I strongly encourage those business leaders to begin their recession planning now to be safe."

  • "The key to creating an effective email marketing strategy is finding the right mix of content that provides value to your audience and also generates the best outcome for your business. It’s a delicate balance, and an important piece of that is having the awareness to understand that what your customer wants may not always match up with what you had planned to send them. This study confirms that small businesses still have some room for improvement in that area.

    Only you have access to your customers and what their unique behavior is – so, use that to your advantage. Instead of planning campaigns around what you think is going to work best, set up indicators that can help you evaluate how your customers are really behaving and what is truly driving a business result. Then, let the data be your guide. When you know what your audience enjoys, you can start testing new ways to activate that interest to drive even more results."

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