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Dave Charest is Director of Content Marketing at Constant Contact. He and his team are on a mission to provide small businesses and nonprofits practical, step-by-step marketing advice so they can do more business and more for their cause. He's grateful to show organizations how to simplify online marketing.

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  • "The key to creating an effective email marketing strategy is finding the right mix of content that provides value to your audience and also generates the best outcome for your business. It’s a delicate balance, and an important piece of that is having the awareness to understand that what your customer wants may not always match up with what you had planned to send them. This study confirms that small businesses still have some room for improvement in that area.

    Only you have access to your customers and what their unique behavior is – so, use that to your advantage. Instead of planning campaigns around what you think is going to work best, set up indicators that can help you evaluate how your customers are really behaving and what is truly driving a business result. Then, let the data be your guide. When you know what your audience enjoys, you can start testing new ways to activate that interest to drive even more results."

    16 November 2021
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