David Arnowitz

Co-Founder & Chief Technology and Strategy Officer at Arnowitz Culture Agency
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  • “One way to create a positive employee experience for remote workers is to schedule daily meetups to promote socialization for teams.
    The standup meeting routine directly addresses the greatest danger for remote workers — the weakening of team social cohesion.
    Having short daily standup meetings allows individuals to feel part of a team, fostering psychological safety and dependability, creating structure and clarity of role, and providing meaning and impact of their work. These are all foundational components, re-emphasized in Google’s research, necessary to create, sustain and improve not only the employee experience but the effectiveness of the team.
    This social aspect creates meaningful relationships, builds trust among co-workers within the organization, and strengthens empathy. Creating this opportunity for remote workers nurtures a sense of inclusion and value in the workplace, which may increase innovation and boost performance.”

  • Culture change endures by modifying and sustaining people’s habits. So, we focus on engaging employees in a continuous journey of practicing habits that promote agile, culturally intelligent behavior to drive workforce agility, faster decision-making, and better collaboration. We are excited by HR Tech Outlook’s recognition of our innovation in combining technology, strategy and services to unleash team creativity and grow engagement into employee habits that generate better business results.

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