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David partners with clients to offer practical solutions to labor and employment problems of all sizes and shapes before they end up in litigation. That might mean helping a human resources professional with a complicated disciplinary action or helping a Fortune 500 CEO respond to a union campaign.

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  • It’s increasingly problematic if the data shows that even if you are vaccinated, you can still get sick. A lot of employers thought they had solved that problem, but we are headed back to the start.

    26 December 2021
  • Most employers do not have the luxury of losing 5 percent or 10 percent or whatever percent of their workforce doesn’t want to get vaccinated. In this environment, it’s very tough, especially in jobs like health care or other industries where it’s a very tight labor market.

    26 December 2021
  • To the extent to which demonstrating the mall in Washington DC would be constitutionally protected, a state actor or government employer couldn't take any adverse action against an employee for doing that.

    20 January 2021