David Barroso (CEO)

CEO & Founder at CounterCraft
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David Barroso is the CEO and founder of CounterCraft, a market leader in enterprise cybersecurity technology for organizations worldwide, including U.S. Department of Defense and NATO. His specialism in cybersecurity startups and emerging threats is underpinned by an extensive executive career in technical research and business development spanning startups and C-level operations. Barroso is recognized globally as a thought leader and highly regarded for his innovative contributions to the cybersecurity industry.

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  • The contract with DIU went forward in record time. It's impressive to see our technology adopted at the speed of relevance by one of the world's top cybersecurity powers.

    14 August 2022
  • The best leaders never stop learning and always stay one step ahead. Sharing and expanding my knowledge and experience enables me to build and innovate successfully in fast paced, advanced tech environments. I like to think of CounterCraft as a family that continues to grow, and I’m extremely proud of that. Security from either side is always about strength in numbers, so the more expertise behind our solution, the better equipped we are to level the ever-evolving security playing field and succeed in defeating our adversaries.

    14 August 2022
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