David Bieri

Associate Professor of Economics at Virginia Tech
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Dr. David Bieri is Associate Professor of Urban Affairs in the Virginia Tech's School of Public & International Affairs and Associate Professor of Economics. David's research examines “money and the metropolis”, focusing on the joint evolutionary dynamics of urbanization and the development of the monetary–financial system. He also writes about regulatory aspects of international finance, global monetary governance, and the history of economic thought.

Prior to his work in the academy, David held various senior positions in central banking at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland and he also worked as a high-yield analyst at Bankers Trust in London and in fixed-income syndication at UBS in Zürich.

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  • We have yet to see the full effects of what the pandemic has done. In some ways the brave people who are developing the vaccines have had an easier job than economists, because what they can do is run controlled experiments. We will pay for this at some point. The question is how far down the road? The nature of the previous presidential campaign was such that all the current president really needed to do was show up. He hasn’t necessarily been picked apart in terms of demerits of his proposed programs.

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