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Founder at VPNOverview.com
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David is a cybersecurity analyst and healthcare professional with a strong footprint in the digital and online world.

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  • I would advise companies and investors that have conducted business with Sequoia to be on the lookout for subsequent phishing attempts. The data obtained in this [incident] can and most likely will be used as a basis for further attacks. I would also recommend these companies and investors check with Sequoia what information was potentially compromised.

    6 April 2021
  • Password rotation is such a simple policy that both businesses and employees can put in place to safeguard and protect their work. Changing your password every 2-3 months is a really effective way to deter cyberattacks, and although yes, some may find it frustrating, it could save a lot of heart ache down the line. It was shocking to see that so many workers didn’t realise what the point in regularly changing their password is, and it’s clear from our research that companies and employees alike need to be educated on the importance of implementing policies such as these.

    6 April 2021