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About David Park, Co-Founder and CEO of Kippo:
David Park is the co-founder and CEO of Kippo. Kippo is a leading social app featuring an interactive, game-like environment that provides users with a unique platform to meet other like-minded people in a social setting anytime, anywhere. In 2019, David co-founded the company with Cheeyoon Lee and Sean Suyeda and is backed by former Tinder senior executives and Jason Calacanis, Founder of LAUNCH. Since then, the app has evolved into the metaverse, specifically the Kippoverse, which launched during its exclusive partnership with Amazon Prime and its digital series “The Legend of Vox Machina” in 2021.

Prior to Kippo, David was a senior software engineer at Raya, an exclusive, invite only community for the elite to connect globally. He was responsible for developing dozens of product features targeting user growth and engagement and led the architecture and implementation of deploying its app. Previously, he spent two years as a quantitative analyst and algorithmic trader working in intercommodity treasury spreads at Flammarion Asset Management.

David is an alumnus of Phillips Exeter Academy and currently works and resides in Los Angeles.


About Kippo:
Kippo, started off as a dating app for gamers to meet either romantically or platonically, but since its inception in 2019, the app has evolved and built its own metaverse called Kippoverse, where users can connect and immerse themselves through new in-app worlds, like the Kippo arcade where users can meet other like-minded people any time, anywhere and engage in activities like games: volleyball, matching cards, and soccer, activities: ice skating or go-karts, and explore: the plaza, gardens, cafes, sunflower fields, and beach. David Park, CEO and co-founder, has continued to build and alter features to cater to its user base and even plans to expand into the creator and gig economy, allowing users to create and sell NFTs in the future.

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  • We asked [users] what about Kippo is appealing to you? And the biggest thing we heard is, you don’t have the pressure to meet up with a stranger 30 minutes after you match up with them.

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