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Entomologist and Technical Director at Mosquito Joe
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David Price, Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE), is the Entomologist and Technical Director at Mosquito Joe. With over 26 years of experience, David brings extensive expertise in pest control and vector management, focusing on limiting and preventing the spread of disease pathogens through insects and mammals.

David's journey began with a fascination for the diversity and complexity of the insect world, leading him to study Urban Entomology at Purdue University and Microbiology/Food Plant Sanitation from the American Institute of Baking. His professional career includes significant contributions as a member of the United States Air Force and serving in various leadership roles within the pest management industry.

At Mosquito Joe, David is responsible for developing technical expertise, researching and introducing new product lines and services, training service personnel, and ensuring quality service in field operations. He also plays a crucial role in developing mosquito abatement programs for military installations and federal properties across the U.S. and leads the company's participation in the EPA's Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program, which focuses on integrated pest management.

David's work is frequently recognized and quoted in syndicated articles and on The Weather Channel. He collaborates with premier chemical companies to improve their ability to target problem pests while protecting beneficial ones. As a Certified Mold Inspector (CMI) with licensing for public health, David is a trusted source for answers about bugs, making him a go-to expert in the field of entomology.

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  • Citronella candles are no more effective than any other candles. The smoke may keep mosquitoes away for a very short period. Bug zappers only kill a small number of mosquitos. However, they will kill thousands of other flying insects and some of them prey on mosquitoes. An effective mosquito control program requires removing mosquito breeding sources, applying a product to control mosquito larva where water removal isn’t possible, and the correct application of an adulticide, whether that is a synthetic or an environmentally-friendly product.

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