David Singer

Vice President of Product Strategy at Verint Systems
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A solution consulting and innovation leader focused on: transforming direct and partner presales execution from the traditional 'Discovery, Design, and Demo' approach into a 'Value Analysis, Innovation, and Storytelling' approach; and, delivering global demo and POC environments to back up the story by showing the value of Innovation.

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  • Before the pandemic, organizations were struggling to handle the increasing complexity of customer engagement. Engagement channels and customer journeys have doubled and even tripled in the last 10 years, and organizations have fewer teams or resources to manage these growing and increasingly challenging customer interactions. However, the coronavirus served to further impact companies’ preparedness levels and derail planned investments, putting them in a more vulnerable state or leaving them even further behind.

    1 June 2021
  • All told, organizations today have dozens to hundreds of these siloed repositories. Customer engagement hubs help matters by supplementing customer data platform (CDP) or customer relationship management (CRM) systems. While CDPs and CRMs have the customer at the center of their data models, customer engagement hubs have engagements at the center of their data model.

    1 June 2021
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    Vice President of Product Strategy