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CEO at Chiromatic
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Debbie Carlitz is Founder, President & CEO of Chiromatic LLC. Chiromatic gives the world a better place to sleep. Chiromatic provides a clinical sleeping system that blends science and luxury to help those with back and neck pain experience the healing power of sleep.

As CEO since 2008, Deb has combined her passion for restorative sleep with her vision to build an unprecedented mattress that reduces pressure and relieves back pain.

She has held numerous executive roles in strategy, sales, product development, marketing, logistics and promotion. Deb serves on the executive committee of the Avocado Green Brand as a founding partner.

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  • Everyone who is sleeping on the bed is in love with it. We've gotten an incredible, incredible response.

    5 February 2021
  • article
    5 February 2021
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