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Mortgage Expert at LendingTree
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Denny Ceizyk is a Mortgage Expert at LendingTree. He has worked in all facets of home loans starting in loan processing and ultimately owning and operating a mortgage brokerage company for 18 years. Denny has written and presented to government housing, local media and national media about mortgage financial literacy.

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  • The seller’s mortgage takes priority over the wraparound loan, which means if the seller doesn’t make the mortgage payments, the bank could foreclose. The buyer owns property subject to someone else’s mortgage—the seller’s. Which means if the seller defaults, the buyer could end up losing the home. Buyers who can’t qualify for a mortgage or don’t want the hassle with the paperwork may benefit from a wraparound loan. Sellers having trouble selling a property with an existing mortgage or looking to convert equity into cash flow may be a good fit for a wraparound mortgage.

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