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Prodigy Magician and Creator of Magic Box at Magic Box
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Have you ever received a gift that changed the trajectory of your life forever? For Magic Box founder Derek McKee, that gift was a magic set from his grandmother at the age of 9. As a child, he struggled to find a voice and direction in life. Although a box of magic tricks on the surface may seem insignificant to some, that Magic Set provided Derek with the tools he needed to express himself.

Eighteen years later, Derek has gone on to perform at some of the most prestigious venues in the world, including Off Broadway theaters and showrooms on the Las Vegas Strip. Acclaimed for his rich expertise in the craft, he has collaborated with other top names in magic to take their performance to the next level. After launching several successful entrepreneurial ventures, he now focuses on inspiring and encouraging others to pursue their own passions and use them to uplift people in their communities.

One Magic Box at a time, Derek hopes that this simple gift can impact the next generation in the same way his grandmother’s gift did for him.

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  • There are so many different paths of making magic in life. I’d argue that it’s not my profession, it’s my lifestyle. Everything revolves around magic.

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    Prodigy Magician and Creator of Magic Box