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Derek is the Owner at Netgain Property Management. He started Netgain Property Management Services, LLC, in 2016, focused on striking the right balance between both the owners' wants and the tenants' needs. Having worked in the Real Estate industry for the past 14 years, Derek brought with him unique experience and insights to help separate Netgain from other property management companies in the area. Since starting they have pioneered different and creative solutions to the many issues facing the housing industry.

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  • Having that other voice to explain to a tenant how their decision will impact them can save them from an eviction, which hinders the re-entry into housing for those tenants. If a tenant reaches out and says they’re struggling, just lost their job and don’t know what to do, the housing advocate would connect them to Utah rent relief or other resources that are out there. We all have different opinions and biases as to why someone is in homelessness. Some of them are true and all my worst fears when we started the transitional housing — none of them have come true.