Desmond Wheatley

President and CEO at BEAM and 1 other company
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Wheatley joined BEAM as a consultant in 2010 when it was Envision Solar, and has served as the Company’s CEO since 2011 and as Chairman of the Board since 2016. He has two decades of senior international management experience in technology systems integration, energy management, communications and renewable energy.

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  • We believe that this, the largest single order in our history is indicative of an increased emphasis on rapidly deployed and grid independent EV charging infrastructure by all branches of government. The US has a Strategic Petroleum Reserve but there is no Strategic Electricity Reserve. Each EV ARC deployed contributes to our nation’s energy security and in combination, provide the beginnings of a Strategic Electric Reserve. We are observing that this vital capability is becoming increasingly recognized in purchasing decisions and we applaud DGS and OES for taking this leadership position in securing the fuel of the future for California.

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