Devan Rice

Senior Product Manager at GlobalSign
On the record
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I'm a very customer focused support specialist, driven towards improving customer experiences, as well as strengthening whatever team I may be working among. I have experience with managing and training support technicians. I pride myself in my ability to push myself beyond expectations, and adapt new products quickly and effectively, as well as bringing others up to speed. When I find a fault in a work process or a product, I am quick to look for efficient improvements.

I enjoy being in a managerial position, however I don't like to stray away from working directly with customers, or the job that is actually being managed. I have always been self motivated to learn about new technologies, products, and elements of my work. I become bored when I am not challenged by my work, and have nothing left to learn or test myself with. I'm unsatisfied with meeting expectations, I aim to always surpass.

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