Dimitris Vassos

CEO and Founder at Omilia
On the record

Dimitris is an NLU technology visionary with a passion for excellence, and more than 18 years of experience in Customer Care self-service solutions. His career started back in 1997 with IBM UK, where he contributed to IBM’s Voice product portfolio development and its rollout in more than 70 countries, and upon his return to Athens in year 2002, Dimitris founded Omilia out of his house garage, with a mission to destroy the traditional “IVR” and re-invent it as a truly customer-centric service.

Recent Quotes
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  • The bits and pieces ended up being a framework, the framework ended up being a platform. We all love to hate – those IVR systems where you go in and never get out. I started realizing that what we were delivering with the technology that we had available to us was not really something that my mother would be able to work with. From a user experience perspective, the technology was just not there.

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