Dirk Herbert

Chief Strategy Officer - Americas at Dentsu Creative
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As Chief Strategy Officer for dentsu U.S., Dirk’s focus is to is to realize dentsu's mission of “championing meaningful progress” by evolving and orchestrating the network's strategic capabilities to help clients and agencies thrive in a digital-centric world where business success is no longer predicted on marketing at consumers but mattering to people.

Prior to joining dentsu, he successfully led global marketing strategy departments across a range of industry-leading organizations. On the client side, Dirk has led product marketing and marketing strategy at Apple and Disney. On the agency side, Dirk has built and led integrated strategy & digital transformation practices at Ogilvy, McCann, FCB and most recently at iCrossing - across a range of B2B and B2C clients including Amazon, AT&T, Bayer, Bridgestone, Electronic Arts, HP, IBM, Levis, L’Oreal, Microsoft and Toyota.

As a 25 year marketing veteran, Dirk can point to a successful and award-winning track record of driving strategic business initiatives for clients - from digital transformation efforts to innovative marketing and media programs. He’s been recognized for his ability to turn a data-fueled, insights-driven strategy function into a competitive advantage that drives organic and new business growth for both the agencies and clients he supports.

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  • Brands' ongoing scrutiny of their agency partners is not just about 'ability' but a similar-sounding word: 'agility.'

  • "The key for CMOs is to figure out how to stop just marketing at consumers and instead start mattering to people. That will require a mindset shift from unfettered use of data in service of the brand’s agenda to responsible and judicious use of data in service of the consumer’s agenda. Marketers have to be more transparent about their data policies, empower consumers with greater control over how their data is being used, step up efforts to safeguard privacy and actively demonstrate digital’s ability to create positive change by leveraging digital marketing for good, not just for growth."

    - Forbes, 'As Marketers Drive Digital And Data Agendas, U.S. Consumer Awareness And Skepticism Increases, With Implications For CMOs: Survey', 4/9/19

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