Dmitriy Ioselevich

CEO & Founder at 17 Communications and 7 other companies
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Dmitriy is the CEO & Founder of 17 Communications, a mission-driven marketing and communications firm specializing in the ESG and impact investing space. Dmitriy started 17 Communications with a vision to reform capitalism by bringing together the private and public sectors to work towards tackling shared sustainability challenges. This vision was built on a realization that the current socioeconomic system is broken, and that catalyzing the flow of private capital towards sustainability offers the best chance for meeting the scope and scale of today’s problems. As the leader of the firm, Dmitriy sits at the center of the conversation around ESG and impact investing, helping different stakeholders communicate with their target audiences and develop a shared understanding of goals, needs and challenges.

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  • Build trust with stakeholders. The financial community must rebuild trust through transparency and collaboration.

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