Doc Vaidhyanathan

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Spanugo
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R ‘Doc’ Vaidhyanathan is a security systems and authentication expert. As Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Spanugo, he leads product development to address the security assurance needs of hybrid data centers for enterprise operations.

Prior to founding Spanugo, Doc was part of the core management team at Arcot Systems (acquired by CA Technologies in 2010) that built one of the largest global authentication programs in the payment industry (3D Secure) with over 160M registered users. Doc has held leadership positions in Product Management, SaaS Operations, Engineering and Services Management, and has managed global teams of 400+ engineers.

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  • Given where we are today with all the breaches – Anthem, the U.S. Office of Professional Management and others – we have to assume that our data has been compromised in one way or another. Nobody should rely on a system that says ‘if you know these three or four things, then it’s you.’ KBA should just be one layer in verifying an identity.

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