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Co-Founder at TheoTRADE
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Don is one of the industry's leading financial strategists and educational authorities. With more than 21 years of financial industry experience, he oversees TheoTRADE's firm wide strategy and deployment initiatives, while designing and executing upon innovative content in the financial education space. Prior to TheoTRADE, he spent 6 years at TD Ameritrade as Director of the Trader Group. At TD Ameritrade Mr. Kaufman handled thinkorswim content and client education which included the design, build, and execution of what has become the industry standard in financial education. He started his career at thinkorswim in 2000 (acquired by TD Ameritrade in 2009), where he served as chief derivatives instructor, helping the firm progress into the industry leader in retail options trading and investor education services. He provides understanding of Equities, Options, Futures, Currencies, Risk Management, Financial Modeling, Technical Analysis, Volatility and Derivative Pricing, and Market Making.

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  • In my estimation, this marketplace in crypto has to get ugly. It has to get so ugly that it starts to flush some of the weaker hands out of it and get to a level to where people actually want to get involved and engaged again.

    17 May 2022
  • If sanctions hit Russia and hit Russia heavily, there is no question that they’re going to go into every stablecoin. They’re going to go into bitcoin. This is how they’re going to circumnavigate it.

    17 May 2022
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