Doug Petkanics

CEO and co-founder at Livepeer
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Doug is co-founder at Livepeer, where the team is building a decentralized live video broadcast platform to enable the next generation of video streaming. Prior to Livepeer, Doug was co-founder and CEO of Wildcard, a mobile browser. He also co-founded Hyperpublic, which was acquired by Groupon. He was the VP of Engineering at both.

He can speak on all things blockchain and decentralization technologies, as well as the challenges involved in building, leading, and scaling effective engineering organizations.

Past software development experience includes data-focused architecture, agile development (Ruby/Rails, Python), mobile development (iPhone, Android), enterprise web applications, mission control software for the Department of Defense, modifications to the Bittorrent protocol, and contributions to the original XQuery implementation.

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  • Our open video infrastructure allows the next generation of Creator Economy services to rely less on centralized infrastructure that’s expensive and subject to the whims of big tech. Livepeer’s on-demand platform provides scalable streaming at a cost-effective price without sacrificing performance or reliability. That way, developers can build world-class livestreaming apps at a fraction of the cost of cloud providers.

    2 September 2021
  • The creator economy is fast becoming a staple of the digital media landscape. Rather than watch TV or consume content through traditional channels, fans are connecting directly with their favorite creators. These 1:1 relationships require new tools and technologies like Livepeer, which is perfectly positioned as the critical infrastructure for emerging Creator Economy platforms.

    20 July 2021
  • Livepeer is the decentralized base layer for Web3 video infrastructure - and ultimately that’s what Web3 is all about: dislocating the centralized gatekeepers for a more open, extensible, and user-centric internet.

    20 July 2021
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