Douglas C. Borthwick

Chief Business Officer at INX Ltd
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Mr. Douglas Borthwick is our Chief Business Officer. Mr. Borthwick has over 25 years of experience in the finance industry, most recently founding and building the Chapdelaine FX electronic and voice trading business for inter-dealer broker TP-ICAP from 2012 to September 2018. Mr. Borthwick held various roles with Morgan Stanley from 1996 through 2005; managing foreign exchange derivatives trading groups in New York and London, with a strong focus on emerging markets.

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  • INX is proud to partner with a global financial services powerhouse that is issuing financial-grade stablecoins. GMO has a very synergistic portfolio of businesses that directly align with our institutional customer base, which we are ideally positioned to service on the digital asset side as a US regulated exchange.

  • Of course institutions are driving the run higher, especially as real money institutions begin their start of year portfolio rebalancing. But global unrest certainly plays a part as well, in combination with retail introductions over the holidays… However, investors are not buying to trade. They are buying to hold. And each time they take ownership, the supply of Bitcoin in the marketplace shrinks, causing prices to rise. Coupled with increased adoption by retail, and the OCC promoting stablecoins as a disrupter over SWIFT and ACH and you have a cocktail for parabolic moves higher.

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