Dov Marmor

CEO, North America at Railsbank
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Dov is a FinTech Executive, Co-host of FinTech Rapid Fire with Scarlett Sieber, FinTech Lecturer at Cornell business school, and Forbes contributor. He has led 3 API platform businesses in Payments as a Service (PaaS), Banking as a Service (BaaS) and Credit Cards as a Service (CCaaS). He is passionate about powering innovators to reinvent financial services, drawing inspiration from trailblazing companies like Shopify and AWS who's platforms helped their customers reshape eCommerce, computer software, retail, and many more.

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  • Credit cards are one of the most commonly used spending mechanisms but over 80 per cent of cards are issued by just the top 10 banks. There are simple reasons for this. Until now, issuing credit cards was an extremely complex and expensive business requiring vast technological infrastructure that meets heavy regulatory compliance.

    15 January 2022
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