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M.D. M.B.A., Founder and Medical Director at Concierge MD LA
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  • But as you can imagine, lately everyone has been requesting COVID-related house calls or testing. That and addiction medicine. That’s one of the other areas of my practice, and unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of relapse because of the quarantine, and that’s become a bigger portion of my time. In March we started doing the [coronavirus] swab testing, the nasal swab PCR testing. Now that the cases have dropped dramatically, people are requesting antibody testing, which is nice because it’s rapid, but also much more widely available.

    It is extremely difficult to get the swabs early on — whether you were famous or not. I think there’s a couple of factors there, obviously the government and FEMA… We had ordered 1,000 swabs early in March, which we were approved for, and our allocation was pulled. So we used a lot of speciality labs we had relationships with to get swabs. What happened was, as the weeks went on, they became slightly easier to get as the cases dropped and more companies started producing them, but ultimately it’s still somewhat difficult to get swabs.

    31 August 2020
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    M.D. M.B.A., Founder and Medical Director