Dr. Carrie Ditzel

Clinical Psychologist at Baker Street Behavioral Health
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Dr. Ditzel is a Clinical Psychologist at Baker Street Behavioral Health. She is a a well-rounded Clinician with rich clinical and practice administration experience. Dr. Ditzel has competency to treat mental health issues across the lifespan in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Her passion and specialization is in geropsychology and treating those impacted by co-morbid medical issue, and in practice, she is treating children, teens, adults, and older adults with a variety of mental health issues.

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  • "For those with dementia, the familiarity of their living environment and predictable routines can serve to help with their overall functioning," Dr. Carrie Ditzel, a clinical psychologist and director of geropsychology and neuropsychology at Baker Street Behavioral Health in New Jersey, told Fox News Digital. Stability creates a sense of comfort and predictability for aging seniors, Ditzel noted, which can help them manage deficits in skills or memory.

  • I'm always an advocate for talking help. Just recognizing it. Looking for those symptoms and talking about it with loved ones; that they may be struggling, and helping find small steps they can take, places they can go, things they can do, to get back out into the world.