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Christopher S. Taylor, Ph.D. LPC-S, author of My Digital Practice and host of the For Self-Examination podcast, is an adjunct professor of counseling ethics at Dallas Theological Seminary and Amberton University. Dr. Taylor utilizes existential psychotherapy to provide treatment for individuals struggling with loss of identity.

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  • This is a state of uncertainty that we’re all in. It’s absolutely OK to feel anxious. I think the higher risk you or your family are, the more serious you should take that, and the more stringent you should be with your boundaries

    10 November 2021
  • The state of Texas has a very large rural population … which is very difficult to manage when you talk about access. Most therapists, most psychiatrists, most psych nurses are going to be in your long-term urban centers in [Dallas Fort Worth], San Antonio, Houston, El Paso. So outside of those four major cities, in some of the smaller cities, you’re gonna find it very difficult to access [mental health services].

    10 November 2021