Dr. Elizabeth A. Landsverk

Founder at Elder Consult.com
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Dr. Landsverk is the Founder at Elder Consult.com, a house calls practice, to address the challenging medical and behavioral issues often facing older patients and their families. She has over twenty years of experience in providing medical care to the elderly. She is board-certified in Internal medicine, geriatric medicine, and palliative care medicine. Dr. Landsverk graduated from Stanford University, University of Virginia Medical School and trained at Cambridge Hospital, Harvard University. She taught as Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco and as a Hospice Medical Director. As a House Calls Geriatrician, she partners with local physicians to address the needs of complicated vulnerable elders to alleviate pain, agitation and discomfort through the utilization of geriatric and palliative care techniques.

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  • Alzheimer's Disease, as opposed to vascular dementia or head trauma leading to dementia is a very slow process over 4-15 years. It develops from the deposition of protein (plaques) in parts of the brain affecting everything from mood, memory and judgment.