Dr. Erin Parks

COO + Co-Founder at Equip Health
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Erin is a clinical psychologist, researcher, and a former director at the leading UC San Diego Eating Disorder Center. She has 15+ years experience with adolescents and adults in inpatient, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient settings and opened the first pediatric ED program. She’s led dozens of national and international trainings in evidence-based ED treatment and is passionate about improving access to quality care.

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  • Oftentimes a mom and a child would come for treatment, and they leave their other siblings and other parents at home. And it was hard on the entire family. So it made me think, why do people have to travel in order to get treatment?

    Equip is a fully virtual treatment program that gives families a five person treatment team, a psychiatrist, a therapist, a dietitian, mentorship and a physician to help them fully recover from an eating disorder.

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