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Dr. Gabi Hanna is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Lamassu Pharma, a biopharmaceuticals company focused on translational research, or creating tangible outcomes from medical research. Dr. Hanna has been leading change for more than 15 years in small and mid-size biotech with a focus in planning, designing, and executing early drug development studies. He co-founded one of the first academic units dedicated to advancing tanslational research through rigorous implementation of a comprehensive drug development program. Dr. Hanna is the Chairman of the North Carolina Society of Physician Entrepreneurs, a board member of the Duke Institutional Review Board, and a board member and advisor for multiple companies, including Kaio therapy, Clickmedix, American Remote Health, and Zoonco.

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  • We have accelerated the development by tailoring the business around the science - not the other way around. When we get approval, our drug RABI-767 will be the first and only drug to be delivered via intraperitoneal injection, to preserve the science and the mechanism of action that ensure drug efficacy. Every day there are thousands of patients suffering and dying from this disease without any hope for sufficient therapy, and our goal is to navigate the regulation and approve the safety and efficacy of our drug in order to bring it to patients as soon as possible.

    14 June 2021