Dr. Waseem Ghannam

Principle and Co-Founder at Telehealth Solution
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Dr. Ghannam obtained his Medical Degree from St. Matthew’s University and completed his training at Cabarrus Family Medicine in Concord, NC. During his medical training, Dr. Ghannam also completed a Masters of Business Administration from Davenport University and a Masters in Health Services Administration from St. Joseph’s College of Maine. Dr. Ghannam began his career as part of a private hospitalist group. There he developed an interest in bridging the gap for local hospitals with physician staffing needs. He and his business partner Dr. Jason Perlman founded The Hospitalist Solution, which gave North Carolina hospitals a one-call solution for their short- to medium-term hospitalist staffing needs.

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  • Will co-infection with influenza and COVID-19 affect mortality from either disease? Is a patient infected with one virus more likely to contract the other? These are questions that many rural hospitals will be grappling with and an important reason we partner with these hospitals across the country—to ensure they have access to the right specialist physician at the right time. Our technology and clinical expertise allow rural hospitals to access a virtual TeleHealth Solution hospitalist during this vulnerable time when many hospitals are exceeding capacity with no open beds and trying to figure out how to prevent the spread of both COVID and the flu. It also allows critical access hospitals to keep patients in-house rather than transferring them.

    15 March 2021
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  • Telehealth Solution
    Principle and Co-Founder