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I've made it my mission to create a psychiatric practice that gives you a 360 approach to mental health. Contact my office any time, day or night. Being a part of the team at Jeff Ditzell Psychiatry means more than showing up to work every day; it means showing up with purpose and living our message. Our team is built of individuals who have come together with a shared vision. Not only do we all believe in the meaningful service we provide, but we also practice everything we advocate. Meet our team, get to know us, and let us help inspire you to take control of your life.

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  • The mere act of researching and planning a trip can make you happier. By giving you something to look forward to, it triggers an influx of dopamine in the brain, which increases happiness. Do you remember that feeling of excitement about what was to come? It put you in a good mood for the whole month of December. And, honestly, don’t you remember the lead up being a bit better than the actual day? Although the psychological benefits of travel planning have been proven in numerous studies, one of the most interesting.

    27 December 2021
  • Using cartoons or other images, whether for children or adults, provides the opportunity to break down a complicated process and allows someone to digest it in seconds. The easier the message, the more receptive your audience is, making it an effective way to educate.

    20 December 2020