Dr. John Showalter

Chief Product Officer at Jvion
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Dr. Showalter brings visionary thought leadership on the application of advanced information technology to improving outcomes for patients. His unique education in biomedical engineering, physiology, clinical informatics and internal medicine has allowed him to work at the intersection of those fields to positively impact patient care and health system efficiency. His work has been recognized with cross-industry awards including ComputerWorld’s Premiere 100 IT Leaders and health IT awards such as the CHIME Collaboration Award. Dr. Showalter is dedicated to using his passion and knowledge to ensure that Jvion’s machine has the maximum positive impact for patients.

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  • We know the impact that social factors have on our health: from access to healthy food, to social support networks, to exposure to environmental toxins, to the ability to take time off work to see a doctor. Yet care teams still struggle to identify — let alone address — how these social conditions impact the health of their communities. Our collaboration with Cerner will empower more care teams with the insights they need to take meaningful action on SDOH.

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