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Dr. Schuster is the founder of Chicago-based IPOX Schuster LLC and chief architect of the IPOX® Indexes. Before founding IPOX, he pursued his academic work on European IPOs in the Financial Markets Group (FMG) at the London School of Economics (LSE), where he completed his MSc and PhD and conceived the idea to start IPOX. He regularly appears in the media as an expert in global New Listings and respective investment products.

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  • Coming to the market with a SPAC is really as good as it can get for WeWork, to kind of keep this aspirational life to become a large publicly traded company down the road. The negative press and events associated with WeWork’s last attempt would have made it really difficult to raise billions of dollars in the public market, just as a straight and traditional IPO. So the SPAC structure here, I think really works for them.

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