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Dr. Joseph Volpicelli graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s prestigious Medical Scientist Training Program. Through this program, he received both his doctorate of medicine and psychology. He also completed his medical residency at the University of Pennsylvania and a fellowship in Neuropsychopharmacology. A world-renowned scientist-clinician, Dr. Volpicelli’s research has led to many important discoveries in addiction treatment. His research led to the discovery of naltrexone to treat alcohol addiction, an FDA-approved medicine used worldwide to reduce alcohol craving and relapse. His research also led to the discovery of a psychosocial approach designed to improve treatment engagement and retention.

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  • Alcohol intoxication can cloud one’s rational thinking, leading to poor impulsive choices such as drug relapse. Where marijuana is still illegal, its purchase can put one in contact with drug suppliers and easy access to other drugs.

    3 October 2021
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