Dr. Julian Lagoy, M.D.

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Julian Lagoy, M.D. is a board-certified psychiatrist. He received his bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the University of Notre Dame and his medical degree from St. George’s University. Dr. Lagoy completed his psychiatry residency at Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine. Dr. Lagoy has published in multiple medical journals and has presented his research at the American Psychiatric Association National Meeting and the World Psychiatric Association International Congress in Spirituality and Psychiatry. His research focuses on post suicide attempt survival and provider attitudes toward LGBTQ patients.

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  • What you eat has a huge influence on your physical and mental health. I like to give an analogy of an automobile: if you use regular gas the car will not perform as well as if you use premium gas. It is the same for us and our diet; eating a lot of processed and fast food does not provide sufficient nutrients for the body which in turn decreases our physical and mental health.

    26 February 2021
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