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PT + Human Performance Advisors for Hyperice at Hyperice
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Kelly Starrett, DPT is a coach, physical therapist, 2 x New York Times bestselling author, and speaker. Along with his wife Juliet, Kelly is co-founder of The Ready State. The Ready State began as Mobility|WOD in 2008, and has gone on to revolutionize the field of performance therapy and self-care. Kelly received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2007 from Samuel Merritt College in Oakland, California.

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  • This feature is a game changer. It replicates the experience of a professional assessment — putting the expertise of a trained coach's eye right in your Halo app, providing a highly accurate assessment on the state of your movement health. Halo then provides targeted, easy-to-perform exercises and resources that will help improve your ability to move freely and effortlessly in your daily life.

    21 November 2021
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    PT + Human Performance Advisors for Hyperice