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I was born in a “third world” country where women of all ages were suppressed, disempowered, and robbed of their freedoms and basic human rights. When your freedom is taken away from you, the only thing you have left is your mindset, perspective, and attitude. As a young girl growing up in that environment, I didn’t allow for any of those limitations to grow roots into my subconscious. I capitalized on opportunities for growth and leadership at every dead-end, and found a beacon of light in every dark corner. Over the past few years, I have become a certified life coach, an NLP Practitioner, a chiropractic coach, and a Platinum Partner with Tony Robbins. My obsession with personal growth and life experiences has led me to a life that I never thought was possible. All thanks to my mindset.

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  • The SoulScale weight loss protocol is not a cure for disease, nor should it be construed as a defense against COVID-19. But if you or a loved one is overweight or pre-diabetic, and are concerned about COVID-19's effects, then reducing those risk factors should be on top of your list alongside the CDC's guidelines. The majority of my patients admit that they had put off losing weight for years. Now with the pandemic in the news every day, there is no better time than now to do something about it.

    10 February 2021