Dr. Peter Frost

Professor of Psychology at Southern New Hampshire University
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Dr. Peter Frost has taught psychology at Southern New Hampshire University for over two decades. His teaching interests include the areas of cognitive psychology, research methodology, biopsychology and forensic psychology. He recently received a teaching innovation grant to develop a course about the recent spread of conspiracy theories. He teaches both on campus and online, and has experience using flipped classes, inter-teaching and project-based learning. Frost is a past recipient of the SNHU Excellence in Teaching Award.

Frost conducts research in collaboration with undergraduate students. These collaborations have resulted in recent publications and conference presentations with students as authors in areas that include:

- The lingering effects of smartphone use on cognition
- The ability of people to judge their time spent using - and addiction to - smartphones
- Individual differences associated with acceptance of misinformation and conspiracy beliefs

Frost has recently collaborated with SNHU Labs (the educational research and development branch of the University) and an international production company called Unit 9 to create virtual reality (VR) software that helps students understand neural communication and how it contributes to psychological experiences (called SynapseVR). SNHU Labs and Dr. Frost have conducted ongoing research on the effectiveness of VR in helping to enhance student learning and engagement.

Frost is a past president of the New England Psychological Association and has served as an elected member of their steering committee.

Frost received his BA in Psychology from Framingham State University, his MA in Neuroscience from Baylor University and his Doctor of Philosophy in Neuroscience from Baylor University.

Dr. Frost can speak as a subject matter expert about the effects of technology, like smartphones, on cognition, the psychology of conspiracy theory and misinformation, as well as the use of virtual reality in higher education to improve learning and engagement. Media members interested in interviewing Dr. Frost should email media@snhu.edu.