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Dr. Purvi Parikh is an adult and pediatric allergist and immunologist at allergy and asthma associates of Murray Hill in New York City. She is currently on faculty as Clinical Assistant Professor in both departments of Medicine and Pediatrics at New York University School of Medicine. Dr. Parikh is a committed to allergy and immunology care, is a champion for vaccines and often makes appearances as a medical contributor on their behalf to NBC, FOX, CNN, Wall Street Journal and CBS. She is featured weekly on Fox News FOX 5 for health watch segments.

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  • Schools should be very concerned as children are not only getting infected but are also sick enough to fill up children's hospitals. Further, many children still aren't vaccinated. We will see more cases and outbreaks. Even before the pandemic we saw an increase in viral infections and hospitalizations when schools reopened due to flu, RSV, and other viruses. Now with a highly contagious variant in a pandemic it is like adding gasoline to an already lit fire. Children need in person learning, let's help them get it safely.

    8 September 2021
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