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Dr Riaz Motara is a Johannesburg-based cardiologist, with a specific interest in cardiac-endocrinology and preventative cardiology. He is the pioneer behind the first Women’s Heart Clinic in South Africa. More recently, he became the brainchild of South Africa’s leading digital health company, BrandMed, that integrates a wealth of medical expertise with ground-breaking technology to create greater access for patients to quality and affordable healthcare.

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  • We are all facing extreme challenges every day of our lives. Like being diagnosed with a chronic condition. No matter how big the challenge, we all have the power to make the changes necessary to personal wellbeing. With the help and guidance of the Syntro-P Wellbeing programme, we hope to show South Africans that it is possible to face their daily extreme challenges and to work towards overcoming them, one small step at a time, one millimetre shift at a time.

  • Clinicians can strengthen their relationships with, and improve the experience of, their patients by using the data sent to them via remote patient monitoring to develop a personalised care plan and to engage in joint decision-making to foster better outcomes and wellbeing.

  • Rather than being stand alone or siloed, home monitoring solutions are being designed to support delivery of existing clinical services that already have an established workflow in place.