Dr. Robert Holcomb

Co-Founder at Holcomb Energy Systems
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Dr. Robert Holcomb MD, Ph.D., is the Inventor, Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Holcomb Scientific Research (HSR). Dr. Holcomb invented and developed the HSR patent portfolio.

A prestigious academic and physician with publications in scientific and academic journals worldwide, the HES is the culmination of Dr. Holcomb’s life’s work and genius, combining a state-of-the-art scientific philosophy with a rigorous academic approach and a passion to change the world.

With decades of experience across the medical, scientific, and energy industries, Dr. Holcomb is a pioneer in modern invention with hundreds of patents across a range of industries, from breakthrough clean energy solutions to medical devices such as MagnaBloc.

Dr. Holcomb has also patented numerous environmentally friendly products, processes, and devices, including a CO2 converter that captures CO2 in power plant emissions and in the atmosphere and converts it back to its base elements, and a unique water purification system.