Dr. Ryan Rucker (DVM)

DVM and Veterinary Advisor to Zesty Paws at zesty paws
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Dr. Ryan Rucker attended the University of Georgia, where she received her Bachelors and Masters degrees as well as her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine degree. She then completed a rotating internship in Chattanooga, Tennessee and pursued emergency medicine for several years.

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  • Bathing our dogs can be helpful to reduce allergies caused by pollens, dusts, and irritants on the skin, as well as to provide good hygiene and to reduce pet dander, which can add to human allergies. Not shampooing your dog can lead to a buildup of pet dander, pollen on the fur, and potentially harmful bacteria that can lead to allergies for both dogs and humans alike.

    17 February 2022
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    DVM and Veterinary Advisor to Zesty Paws