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I am a 2002 graduate of UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, and a member of the American Society of Veterinary Journalists. I have 16 years of experience in small animal general practice, and 10 years experience of writing and speaking. You may have seen me speak at veterinary conferences in the states or internationally, including Fetch, VMX, AAHA, AVMA, Canwest, or WVC to name a few. I also have enjoyed influencing vet students in the U.S. and abroad on all my favorite topics, including client communication, leadership development, and personal development. love entertaining and educating the veterinary audience in unconventional ways, including using the game I co-created with my partner in crime, The Social DVM - Vets Against Insanity, to teach lessons (and have fun!).

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  • The amount of garbage piling up in NYC and limited sanitation is causing an upsurge in rat sightings. Dogs are more at risk for leptospirosis, which can be deadly. It’s sad what NYC has become. Treatment for hospitalized cases can be a thousand to several thousand [dollars] if the pet has to stay at the hospital for several days due to liver or kidney failure. It is expensive because the pets have to be treated as contagious and urine from infected animals has to be handled very carefully to prevent infection of hospital staff or other animals in the hospital.

    14 June 2022
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